Samorost wooden bikes

Handmade. Precision. Timeless design. Eco-friendly. Grown to ride. 

  We fabricate wooden bicycle frames without making any compromises. Geometry of each frame is tailor made in order to fulfill all the needs and wishes of its rider.  We select our building material = wood of the highest quality from our local suppliers which then receives tens of hours of hand labor. Using in house built tools we can maintain high precision.   Our frames are fully functional and resilient,   not only certified for safety, but they also guarantee a  unique riding experience.  

  • Company

    Samorost is a European company established in 2012. We are located in Czech Republic and Austria.  Our team has backgrounds in different fields, such as architecture, engineering, marketing and management. For example we designed skyscrapers, jewelry, and did marketing for large corporations.   

    Frames Samorost are the result of our own research and hundreds of hours of work. Our passion constantly drives us to produce better and better products. Everyone who participates in the development of Samorost bikes is an active cyclist. We constantly monitor new global trends in the cycling industry and take them into account in our designs.   We also receive valuable feed-backs from our customers, professional or amateur cyclists.

  • Philosophy

    The philosophy of  Samorost  starts from the word's own essence.  Samorost is Czech term for a wooden object which was created by natural forces and processes.  It can have decorative as well as functional usage.  Samorost is as well called a person with unique and interesting features.

    That is exactly how we perceive bicycles Samorost.

    Natural. Timeless. Distinctive. Functional. 



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