4 steps to Samorost

Ordering the Samorost custom wooden bicycle should be enjoyable and fun experience, where the rider is in direct contact with the builder.  To be able to participate on the frame's design is a rewarding experience that you will pay off every time you take the bike for a ride.   If you are decided to make one of the Samorost frames yours, here are simple instructions how to make it happen.

Custom made. Immaculate handwork. 


  • 1.Get-together

    We like to get in touch with you in order to discuss the basic parameters (type of the bicycle, size, color choice, frame/ complete bicycle, riding style, and so on). We also like to know your requirements and expectations, and you will receive the fit form to fill in the necessary body measurements. 

  • 2. Design

    After receiving the fit form, we will begin working on the unique design of your new bicycle. At this point, a non-refundable 700 EUR deposit is required to put your order in queue and to officially start the process. 

  • 3. Approval

    We will send you the drawings of the frame for your approval. The design can be modified until you are fully satisfied with the form of your future custom frame. In case of complete bike a 50% deposit on components is required.

  • 4. Fabrication

    The fabrication process takes about five week. The bicycle is assembled and shipped to you after the final protective coat is finished and the remaining balance is paid off.  


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