Hard. Tough. Flexible. Durable. 

Wood is an excellent material for bicycle frames.  Our wooden frames offer great responsiveness. Yet, they absorb vibrations and bumps  better then carbon frames. The frames have virtually unlimited longevity and they can be easily repaired. This all helps to provide a unique riding experience. 

The right choice of the wood type is fundamental. We tested tens of local tree species together with the experts at the Technical University of Graz, Austria.

We utilize locally grown and harvested woods. Therefore, Samorost frames are much more environmentally friendlier then metal or non-recyclable carbon frames. 

Sustainable. Renewable. Environmentally friendly.


  • Wood options

    The essential material from our frames are several local timber species. We are the only company in the world that uses those species for manufacturing bicycle frames. We use only wood of the highest quality from the Alpine regions of Austria.

  • Variety of colour

    The most often one type of wood is used,  with thin rims of the opposite color on the head and seat tubes. Wood is a natural material. It is nonstandard and anisotropic. Therefore, there are differences in color, tone and structure. This only adds to the originality of each frame that we build. Not two bicycle frames that we build are identical. 

  • Custom made

    It is not only possible to customize the geometry and size of the frame, but also to tune the frame's properties according to the rider's weight and riding style. The weight of our frames is between 1.7 kg and 2.5 kg. 

  • Fabrication

    Everything begins by finding the optimal geometry of the frame. In order to do that, we need to know some data about the rider's figure, experience and expectations. With this info we calculate the frame's geometry for perfect fit. After configuration of the frame the rider chooses the color options, logo and components. Now we go to the workshop.

    The wood is carefully selected and checked for problems before the fabrication process starts. Sawing, gluing, sanding, routing and chiseling. After tens of hours of hand labor all the parts of the frame are aligned together and assembled. The frame is then tested for structural integrity. When the frame receives the final sanding it gets treated by hand polished protective varnish.

  • Personal logo

    We want to make you a bicycle frame as unique as possible.  Each customer can choose a unique logo that will be placed on the head tube, as well as in our database for the frame's identification. The logo is inspired by the Rorschach inkblot phenomenon; the ability to decipher ambiguous images in multiple ways. Those inkblots images are automatically generated by our custom written software and the customer can chose from several tens of options.

  • Components

    For building a complete bicycle we use only high quality components. We prefer selection of European manufacturers which products we have tested and can recommend. However, as our motto is to produce unique custom made bicycles,  it is at the end up to customer's own preferences. Our task is then to cross check the compatibility of all the components.

  • Certification

    We had worked for two years on our frame Samorost Woodcore. During that time we designed, fabricated and tested number of frames until we came to construction methods that fulfill all the safety requirements for mountain bikes.  The key to our unique performance frames is its inner construction, which enables creation of very structurally rigid yet light frames without affecting the outer design.  As a result, our frames are officially certified against EU safety norms, which have the most strict  regulations in the world.

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